Every citizen has a responsibility to safeguard children. All who engage with children in church activities have a special duty of care towards them. Headford & Claran Parish, is committed to the protection of all children and young people.

Archbishop Francis Duffy
The Archbishop has overall responsibility for Safeguarding Children in the Archdiocese.


Director of Safeguarding Children
Maureen Walsh oversees and co-ordinates safeguarding across the Archdiocese.

Designated Persons
The Archdiocese has appointed Mrs Mary Trench (087 931 5823) Fr Francis Mitchell (087 407 0206) as Designated Liaison Persons. They receive concerns, allegations or suspicions and pass them to the relevant statutory and church authorities. They manage cases on behalf of the Archbishop.

Local Safeguarding Representative (LSR)
Every parish has appointed at least one lay person as Local Safeguarding Representative who with the priest promotes safeguarding in the parish. Headford and Claran Parish have appointed PJ Newell and Maura Moran as our Safeguarding Officers.

Safeguarding Committee
This committee consists of nine members, develops a 3 year safeguarding plan, liaises with LSRs, completes a training needs assessment and checks the annual parish audits.

Support Persons
The Archdiocese has appointed Marian Geraghty, Elizabeth Conroy and Peter Fallon as Support Persons who are available on a pastoral level to those who make an allegation/disclosure of abuse which involves church personnel.

The Archdiocese has appointed Fr Conal Eustace and Fr Hughie Loftus as Advisors who will be available on a pastoral level to the respondent.

Safeguarding Trainers
Trish Gallagher, Noreen Sadler and Maureen Walsh (086 834 5585) are National Board accredited Safeguarding Children Trainers and provide training across the Archdiocese.

Statutory Authorities
The DLPs liaise closely with TUSLA and with An Garda Síochána.